Genshin Impact Guide: Noelle's Hangout Events

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Genshin Impact Guide: Noelle's Hangout Events

  Hanging out events are story-driven quests, which means you can be one-on-one with characters to get to know them better. You can try to talk to them so that they don't end up running away.


  Noelle’s hangout events may have six endings. In order to get all the rewards from them, you need to complete all six endings. Although you need two story keys to unlock every hangout, once they are unlocked, you can revisit them. To try to pursue a different thread, you can enter the hangout at any of the story checkpoints previously unlocked.

  In the hangout event, Noelle has a heartbeat meter. If you choose a dialogue option she doesn't like, the hangout will end early. So this article will teach you how to avoid these rude behaviors.

Goodbye, Miss Maid

Honorary Knight - All of Life is Training - Guest from afar

  In the first dialogue option, it doesn't matter what you say. If she asks you about her Chivalric Training, you can say "It’s okay not to be a knight".

  A man named Alois asked for some slimes' help, and then you two sent him back to Mondstadt. All the dialogue options before reaching the bar do not affect the ending.

  After Alois asks "Is this what they give to all visitors in Mondstadt?" you choose "Noelle’s way of showing hospitality." You will need to go to Good Hunter, and then you will have two identical conversations, select "Hospitality" again.

  Noelle will give Alois a gift. After that, the same two dialogue options will appear again, choose "Hospitality".

  Then you will hear "Goodbye, Miss Maid!" and it ends.

A Cold Reception

Honorary Knight! - All of Life is Training - Guest from Afar

  After saying "It’s okay not to be a knight" to Noelle, then you select "Made especially for you". When you sent Alois out of the city, he revealed that he intends to imitate Mondstadt’s famous Dandelion Wine. When you return to Noelle, she looks disappointed and you will get the ending of "A Cold Reception".

A Maid Above Ground

Honorary Knight! - Training Ground - For Greater Strength

  When Noelle asks you about Chivalric Training, you answer "Of course, where do you want to start?" When she tells you she feels like something is missing, you tell her that she lacks strength. Next is the strength test, Noelle will destroy all the training dummies within a certain time. She will ask you again what she needs, you just need to tell her that she needs more strength.

  After mining the ore and killing slimes and aMitachurl, the rocks fell into the chasm. You need to clear the rocks and defeat Lawachurl to unlock the ending.

A Defender's Will Is Their Strength

Honorary Knight! - Training Ground - For More Experience

  After finishing the training, you ask Noelle "Is it because you lack real-world fighting experience?" Then you will try to defeat some enemies, but you will fail, and you can tell her that it is important to fight together. Then a man named Henning would ask for help. Help him win the "A Defender’s Will Is Their Strength" ending.

A Conundrum Called Love

Honorary Knight! - A Breather - It’s the Heart that Matters

  When Noelle asked you about Chivalric Training, you answered "Of course, where do you want to start?" This time, you have to tell her about the lack of rest. No matter what else you choose, you will go for tea together. You want to give a gift, and choose "it’s the thought that counts", and then you want to serve Bea with grilled fish. Noelle feels terrible, so she goes to the library to study. There is a secret achievement - "A World Known Only Unto Roses", which you can get by reading Noelle's notes.

Whisper Of The Paper Rose

Honorary Knight! - A Breather - Sincerest of Gifts

  This is one of the best endings of Noelle's hangout. After telling Noelle about the lack of rest, you can answer "we should choose carefully" when she asks about gifts. You visit a shop and you have two options: Squirrel Wood Carving, it will make you lose a heart, but you can still progress. The Frostening Bottle is a better choice. After taking three photos at different locations on the map, Beatrice will ask you about the spots. "Cape Oath" will continue the quest. Then you go to Windrise with Noelle, and she will give you a rose! ! !

  These are the six endings of the Noelle hangout events. Now that the Genshin Impact 1.4 version has started, Gamec2c will also update the relevant game guides so that you can complete the quests more smoothly.

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