Genshin Impact Guide: How To Give The Dandelion Seeds And Slime Condensate To Brook?

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Genshin Impact Guide: How To Give The Dandelion Seeds And Slime Condensate To Brook?

  Genshin Impact’s Flavor of the Month quest is to help a chef called Brook cook a new dish for the Windblume Festival. Towards the end of the quest, you will be simply handed over to Brook the dandelion seeds and slime condensate.


  Fortunately, delivering these items is very simple, and you can easily complete the Flavor of the Month quest. If you are doing this quest, you can start by collecting the slime condensate and dandelion seeds you need. You can obtain slime condensate by defeating slimes scattered on the map, and dandelion seeds by attacking dandelion plants in the Mondstadt area with Anemo attacks.Note that you only need to obtain one of each item for Flavor the Month, so this will not take you too much time.

  With slime condensate and dandelion seeds, you can return to Springvale to find Brook and talk to her. After that, the inventory interface will be opened, and you need to select the necessary items. Dandelion seeds can be found in the material section, which has an icon depicting a mushroom, and the crushed condensate can have an icon depicting the head of a basic character in the character development item section.After giving these to Brook, you will receive her gratitude and immediately indicate that you have completed the Flavor the Month quest. And you will get 20 Primogems, 2 Hero’s Wits, and 20000 Mora.

  This is not the only quest encountered during the Windblume Festival. Windbrew quest is another opportunity, which focuses on mixing a special drink.

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