Puzzles & Survival is one of the latest titles from 37Games, which combines base-buildingMMO strategy game elements with match-3 puzzle mechanics. Confusing and unrelated asitseems, both these popular genres require strategic thinking and while the kind of strategiesyou can employ on each side of the gameplay is very different from one another, both centeraround patience and planning as a requisite for better results.
In truth, it is not very common for any person to be avid fans or highly experienced in bothgameplay styles as people who typically revel in match 3 puzzles are not likely patrons ofbase-building games. Puzzles & Survival, however, does not make itarequirement for playersto be experts in match-3 puzzle solving or be experienced in MMO strategy games as wll.
    There are many ways to survive and defeat opponents in the game, but the importance of resources for strategy games is self-evident. The
Storerss team recruited a large number of high-quality resource providers to provide customers with safe and cheap resources. We believe that our service will boost the player's strength even more and allow you to rise quickly. We will continue to provide other services, and hope that customers can experience one-stop service here.

1. How to obtain Puzzles & Survival resources purchased on mmoctc.com?

 You can Contact the customer service staff before purchasing, provide the coordinates of your castle (there is enough space around to accommodate our farm), or we specify an empty location you move to our neighborhood, and then attack our farm to obtain resources.

2. Is it safe to purchase Puzzles & Survival resources?

  We are all manually collected resources, so the farm resources we provide are very safe.

3. Is there a discount for buying Puzzles & Survival resources at mmoctc.com?

 You can register as a member for free, so you can get a 1% discount. The higher the membership level, the higher the discount you get.

4. Can the Puzzle & Survival resources purchased at mmoctc.com be delivered in time?

We provide 24-hour online service, and we promise to ship within 15 minutes. Contact our customer service staff in time before and after placing an order so that you can get resources in time.

5. Can mmoctc.com provide a large number of Puzzles & Survival resources?

If you need a lot of resources, please inform our customer service staff, and we will arrange for the shipper to increase the number of farms in a timely manner. Provide you with a lot of resources quickly.

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